How to Go Wine Tasting – Part 1

This week we were on location at Wright Station Winery in Los Gatos on the Santa Cruz summit to talk about one of our favorite topics…WINE TASTING!

Since the majority of us are not experts, when we approach a tasting room we are tasting wine, not evaluating it. What does that mean? Well, basically you don’t need to know all of those fancy schmancy wine terms to go wine tasting… you don’t need to know anything really, other than the fact that you want to try something delicious! When wine tasting, you’re allowed to enjoy it, and you’re also allowed to not like the wine and dump it! It’s all about YOUR experience.

There’s a suggested order to wine tasting for the best experience:

  • Sparkling
  • Dry/light whites
  • Heavier whites
  • Roses
  • Younger, light reds
  • Bold reds
  • Dessert wines

The great news is that at tasting rooms they lay this out for you. But if you’re organizing your own  tasting, this can be super helpful!

Now, who’s ready to do some tasting?!

Unsophisticated Tips:

  • You can share a tasting!
  • If you don’t like the wine you can pour it into the pour out vessel…OR you can just pour it into your friend’s glasses!
  • You can ask for light splashes of wines you aren’t sure you aren’t going to like instead of getting full pours so you aren’t wasting wine.
  • Contemplate the wine! Actually think about what you’re experiencing.

Join us next week for Part 2 of our Wine Tasting Special!


“He held up his glass to the light, then gave it a sniff.’It’s got peach, oak, vanilla, lots of vanilla, Sue Ellen loves her vanilla…”
― Nina Killham, How to Cook a Tart

Nina Killham, How to Cook a Tart