Sophisticated Cocktails

This week on The Unsophisticated Palate we took a step away from wine and did a little political correctness dance. We talked about cocktails, and how what one orders may influence perceptions. Is that drink “manly” enough?  Is it too “frou frou?” “OMG, is he really ordering a pomegranatini after he just ordered an appletini?!?!?!”

There are some drinks that are considered (stereotypically) manly:

    • Whiskey or Scotch on the rocks (ice) or neat (no ice)
    • Martini – think Bond, James Bond!
    • Manhattan
    • Old Fashioned

But as we discussed, these are also Jen’s favorite drinks! They are not just for the hombres! Men and ladies alike love these strong cocktails.

Interestingly, there is a certain category of drink that seems to be safe from stigma. Anyone can order a Bloody Mary (any time of day in fact!) and no one says a thing about it. Same thing goes for margaritas, vodka tonics, and Moscow Mules. It’s this interesting happy place.

Then we get to the sweet drinks, the “frou frou,” or what some would call, the “girly” cocktails. Around here at the Unsophisticated Palate, we call these,  “Marc Drinks” Let’s get this straight, most people like sweet things. I have seen my brother chow down an entire plate of chocolate chip cookies. So, it is no surprise that there are guys out there that enjoy a sweet alcoholic beverage, and they should be allowed to do so without shame.  

For today’s Unsophisticated Tip, we only have one, and it’s a big one!

Unsophisticated Tip:


Until next time, drink responsibly! Cheers!

“Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

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