How to Choose a Wine


Choosing a wine can be tough, even for the seasoned wine drinker! Hopefully, after listening to our episode on How to Choose a Wine,  you now have a few new tools to make that process a tad bit easier. First of all, remember, you are NOT alone! The majority of people have no idea how to pick a wine and simply choose a wine based on its label. “Oh look at you, you gorgeous thing! I bet you’re delicious!” Good luck with that! There is a chance that the pretty label will indeed be drinkable, and in fact tasty; but, it’s also likely that you will be disappointed.

To avoid that scenario, here are some words of wisdom that we shared this week.

Unsophisticated Tips:

When choosing wine in a restaurant

  • If you notice that the restaurant specializes in a certain type of wine, maybe lean that way.
  • If there are local wines on the wine list, give them a try!
  • Ask for a taste!!! If you’re deciding between a couple of wines, ask for samples so you make sure you get what you like. Jen does this ALL. THE. TIME!

“When in Rome…”

  • Drink Italian with Italian
  • Drink Greek with Greek, etc…

Online Quizzes

  • There are a bunch of online wine profile quizzes out there, usually associated with wine clubs. This is kind of a fun way to test find out your taste profile.

Make a Friend in a Wine Store

  • When you get to a wine store, make a friend with someone that works there. Have that person show you around and ask them tons of questions. They are the experts! Get some good recs and try out some wines!

Find a similar varietal!

  • If you like Pinot, try Gamay
  • If you like Zinfandel, try Grenache, Primitivo, Carnignane
  • If you like Cabernet, try  Cab Franc, Montepulciano
  • If you like Syrah, try Barbera
  • If you like Chardonnay, try Burgundy…it’s the Same Grape! Whaaaaatttt!!! Yep!  


Until next time, drink responsibly! Cheers!


“The simplest definition of a great bottle of wine is when you feel sad because the bottle is empty.”

Tony Margiotta


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